MLS Expansion Team Is Going to Happen in Miami

MLS is expected to make an announcement "in the coming months" about a new franchise based in Miami, Florida. It's still unknown when MLS Miami will ultimately join the league.

"We look forward to working with David, Todd Boehly (majority owner of the franchise) and their partners to finalize their expansion plan," an MLS spokesman said." David Beckham and his partners have committed a significant amount of time and resources to put everything in place to bring Miami the elite-level soccer team and stadium it richly deserves."

MLS's expansion isn't slowing down. According to Sports Illustrated, the league will pick two cities to be the home of expansion clubs on December 14 as MLS owners meetings take place in New York City. The finalists, according to the report, are Sacramento, Cincinnati, and Nashville. MLS currently has 22 teams in the league, with Los Angeles FC joining next season.

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