How well do you know Beckham?

If you think yourself a David Beckham fan, then below is a challenging quiz which will test your knowledge on famous left footed footballer. It will be a mix of football trivia and moments from his personal life.

Why not challenge your football or partypoker friends to the quiz on a lads night in, where you can watch the match and even play fantasy football if you are feeling lucky.

Question one: In what year was Beckham born and how tall is he?

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born 2 May 1975 in Leytonstone, London. He measures six foot in height. The former Manchester and Real Madrid player, now plays for Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League soccer.

Question 2: In which year did Beckham sign his professional contract with Manchester United?

The footballer's career began in 1992 at the young age of 17. During his time there, the team won the premier League six times, the FA cup twice, as well as the UEFA Champions League in 1999. After eleven years of playing with Manchester, Beckham then moved to Real Madrid in 2003.

In which year did he marry Victoria Beckham?

After one year of dating, David Beckham proposed to Posh Spice as she was known as then in 1998. One year later they were married and their relationship had much media coverage. Gary Neville was the best man and their little son Brooklyn was the ring bearer. An estimated £500,000 was spent on the extravagant wedding with almost 500 staff employed on the day. They bought their famous home in Hertfordshire, nicknamed Beckingham Palace, for around £7.5 million. Since then, they have had three more children, Romeo, Cruiz and Harper Seven. Elton John plays godfather to the oldest two boys, with their godmother being Elizabeth Hurley.

Question 3: In what year was he made captain?

In 2000, Beckham was made captain at the age of just 21. From then until the 2006 FIFA world Cup, he played 58 times He is the first to play 100 Champions League matches and was the highest paid footballer in 2004.

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