Beckham in line for Australia tour

LA Galaxy v Seattle Sounders 2010Image by TheDailySportsHerald via Flickr
Negotiations are underway for LA Galaxy to make yet another appearance in Australia, after their high-profile meeting with Sydney in 2007 and last year's clash with Newcastle United.

While Victory and Sydney are the frontrunners, Perth's millionaire owner Tony Sage's deep pockets could swing the battle Glory's way.

Glory chief executive Paul Kelly said it could cost up to $2 million dollars to bring the team to Perth.

"Beckham in itself is a worldwide brand and ... it was only last week he was on the front of Women's Day, so I think he'd have that appeal for anyone in general, not just football supporters.

"To put a percentage on (our chances of luring the team here), given we've had one or two conversations on it, 60-70 per cent at this stage.

"I'm quietly confident that if I can get everything in the mix we can put a good proposal forward and that may bring LA Galaxy to Perth."

"They're a quality team in the MLS. Beckham's not the only player (of interest)," Kelly said.

"They've just signed Robbie Keane for two million dollars and a three-year contract, so he himself will have some interest."

source: smh.com.au

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