Does David Beckham have asthma?

David Beckham was photographed using an inhaler as he prepared for extra-time in the MLS Cup final yesterday. Becks has dealt with a mild form of the condition since childhood but it had never had an impact on his soccer.

David Beckham"David has suffered this since he was a young boy but it has obviously had no effect on his performance," Oliveira - his agent - said.

"He has never sought to make it public but if it does inspire any sufferer to think they can achieve great things like many other sportsmen have done then so much the better. Some of the best athletes in the world suffer from asthma and there is no problem with his aerobic fitness."

Despite the difficulties of performing with asthmatic symptoms, many athletes have dealt still managed to reach the peak of their respective disciplines. Among them: Dennis Rodman, Mark Spitz, Justine Henin or Paula Radcliffe.

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Anonymous said...

How´s that possible? I thought that somebody with asthma woldn´t be able to compete at a professional level.