Shaq plans to play goalkeeper against Beckham

Shaquille O'Neal is just another of the athletes who uses Twitter, the social networking tool. This time O'Neal has used his Twitter account to challenge David Beckham. O'Neal is starring in a new reality show where he challenges top athletes in different sports and he didn´t find a better way of promoting his show.

"Dear david beckham, I kno u heard about my shaq vs show, anyway u will never score a goal on me, I challenge you lil man"

"David beckham I kno u hear me, dnt be scared, dnt make me call u out, u will never score a goal on me"

"Dear david beckham, dnt make me tweet to 2 million people that yur scared of shaq, u betta respnd, if u scared get a dog"

Beckham is himself a big basketball fan, but of the Los Angeles Lakers, O'Neal's former team, and he is friends with Kobe Bryant.

"he can't score on me" boasted another O'Neal tweet.

"Its official, today is david beckham is scared of shaq, day, he should b scared, he can never score a goal on me."

Presumably, O'Neal plans to play goalkeeper against Beckham...

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