AC Milan say David Beckham deal not done yet

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Contrary to media reports, David Beckham has not signed a loan deal with AC Milan.

Adriano Galliani, AC Milan vice president, said Thrusday that the two side are close to coming to terms on a deal that would allow Beckham to join the rossoneri in January and remain with the team until next Summer. "The deal is not done yet. We have to define everything with his lawyers and the Galaxy," Galliani told Conto TV Thursday. "I'm confident but it is absolutely not closed."

"We will have time in the upcoming weeks to go over the deal in full agreement with the Galaxy," Galliani said. "We don't want to undermine the Californian club. The deal is underway and at an advanced stage but it's absolutely not concluded. I don't want to be a pessimist but I can't guarantee something that is not guaranteed."

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