David Beckham is Tom Cruise's new personal trainer

With the help of David Beckham, Tom Cruise has reportedly shed 10 pounds in six weeks. According to UK’s Daily Mail, the actor was shocked after he saw pictures of him with a “spare tire” around his midsection.

Becks gave him a strict diet and exercise program. A source told the Daily Mail, “Tom had been steadily gaining weight. He didn’t notice it at first but then he developed quite a paunch. He hated it when pictures started appearing of him with a belly and love handles.

“He turned 46 this summer and he’s got a 29-year-old wife and a young family so he wanted to get back in shape.”

The source added, “David has been round at Tom’s house a lot. While Katie and Victoria have been swapping fashion tips on the phone, David has been advising Tom on dieting.” The two often work out together at the private gym in Cruise’s house.

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