David Beckham in Beijing Olympic handover to London 2012

David Beckham will be joined by Leona Lewis and the London mayor Boris Johnson in Beijing Olympic handover to London 2012.

Beckham will be driven into China's national stadium, the Bird's Nest, on board an iconic Routemaster bus, before dismounting to kick footballs with children representing every country in the world.

"David is going to be in the surprise finale. They always have a segment to do the handover, to showcase the next city to host the Olympics," a source told People.

"He was very involved in the London bid to get it, and as a Londoner he is incredibly proud that the Olympics will be in London," the source added. "He is passionate about it and looking forward to the games in 2012."

Becks took advantage to watch some of the events in Beijing, including watching his mate Kobe Bryant play.

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