Beckham backs Usain Bolt to gloat

David Beckham believes sprinting superstar Usain Bolt should carry on showboating, saying: "If you're that good, you deserve to gloat." Beckham arrived in Beijing on Saturday ahead of the Olympics closing ceremony, in which he is playing a leading role in London 2012's set, and admitted he has been awed by the Jamaican.

Bolt, who last night clinched his third sprinting gold and third world record of the Games, has been criticised by International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge for showing a lack of respect towards his fellow runners.

Becks said: "I think he's great. If you're that good - and he breezed through all the early stages and then turned it on for the finals, it's so impressive if you can do that.

"He's so talented and has got so much confidence. It's such a big stage and the whole world is watching, so if you can perform like he has then you can gloat - and it's good to see."

Beckham also left the door open to possibly playing for Great Britain in the 2012 Olympic football tournament.

He said: "I will be 37 so I'm not sure I will still be playing. But you never know, at the end of day I'm just going to be happy to be involved.

"I will definitely be there, but whether it's playing or not I'm not so sure about that one."

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