Beckham eyes Real Madrid youth role

David Beckham admits he would relish the chance to return to Real Madrid sometime in the future to work with the club's youngsters.

"I would like to return to Spain some day and to Real Madrid. To work with the kids or something similar at Madrid would be an honour for me," said Beckham.

"Everybody knows that I love to work with kids and that I adore Spain. I still have my house in Madrid and if I return some day I already have somewhere to live."

"When the moment comes we will have to see, but to be part of Madrid would be great. I have many friends there and many people who I respect a lot, such as Florentino Perez (former president), who is one of the best friends I have in Madrid."

He also said that he was very happy with the Spain victory in the Euro Cup and that Iker Casillas deserves to win The Golden Ball.

source marca.com

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