No tattoos for Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos

David Beckham sure has some good friends. His tattoo artist in England is one of them.

Rebecca Loos recently went into the tattoo parlor that David used to go to, and was turned away. Three years ago she said she had an affair with David when he was playing for Real Madrid and she was working for the Beckham´s as a personal assistant for Becks himself. It was never confirmed, but now she's the enemy of the Beckham's.

Rebecca Loos was born in Madrid, the daughter of a Dutch diplomat and an Anglo-Spanish mother. Growing up, she was educated in private schools.

When David Beckham moved to Real Madrid, Loos became his personal assistant during the transition period, alongside SFX Sport Management agent and former Australian international Andy Bernal.

Beckham and Loos worked closely together both professionally and socially and Loos claimed that she became an "alternative wife". Victoria Beckham was not initially happy in Madrid, and wanted to develop her UK music career, so she spent much of her time in England. Loos claimed this resulted in Beckham becoming bored, leading them to spend almost all their time together socially, and a four month affair was the alleged result. However this was never confirmed and Victoria Beckham was recently quoted in W magazine saying the alleged affair only made their marriage stronger.

Rebecca Loos sold her story to News of the World in April 2004, claiming that they had had a whirlwind affair that included text messages of a sexual nature. The story generated a huge amount of publicity in the tabloid press, launching Loos's career in the public eye.

Shortly after the newspaper coverage of her relationship with David Beckham, Loos came out publicly as bisexual, saying "I am indeed bisexual and have been ever since I was a teenager".

In 2005, to protest against America's laws on gay marriage, Loos "married" American fashion model Jenny Shimizu for the TV program Power Lesbian UK. It was broadcast in the USA as Power Lesbians on LOGO which profiled successful lesbians in Los Angeles. The two shared a relationship for a period afterwards.

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