Tom Cruise Wants David Beckham To Follow Scientology

Tom Cruise on MTV Live in December 2008                                 Image via Wikipedia
It has been reported that Tom Cruise is trying to persuade David Beckham to Follow Scientology saying that “Scientology is a life-changing and wonderful thing.” It’s said that Tom has previously tried to convert Victoria over to the controversial religion but had no success so it looks like he is trying to convince David.

A source said that “Tom hasn’t quite given up on persuading David that Scientology is a life-changing and wonderful thing. But he tends to see David privately. He thinks David is more malleable than Victoria. She is less pliable, stronger and more opinionated.”

According to reports Victoria’s relationship with Katie Holmes, has come under a lot of strain lately because of Victoria’s reluctance to embrace Scientology. I do not understand why this should affect their friendship.

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