Jimmy Conrad * on Beckham

from USA Today
I'd like to know what Jimmy thinks about the Beckham Exception and its possible effect on MLS.

I think ultimately it's a positive for the league. We've been searching for an A-lister for a long time, just to be a topic around the water cooler. We couldn't have found a better person than David Beckham. He has a lot of magnetism off the field where people care about what he's doing when he's just going for a walk or eating breakfast, but at the same time he can produce on the field and be a star player in the league as well. He's one of those guys that kind of transcends sport. I think we're fortunate to have him.

The possible ripple effects are going to be positive. As much as he's getting paid — more than probably everybody else combined — it's still ultimately going to have a good positive effect on American players' salaries. It's going to promote more interest. More owners might want to get interested, more fans who have been kind of iffy might want to come and check it out. So I have nothing but positive things to say about David Beckham and his impact on the league as well as the designated player rule.
* Jimmy Conrad
Kansas City defender

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