David Beckham's left arm tattoos

david beckham left arm tattoo

Hindi tattoo

David Beckham has his wife Victoria's name inscribed on his arm in Hindi. He made this public declaration of his love for Posh Spice in 2000. The tattoo is not a direct translation of Victoria's name - it does not exist in Hindi - but instead breaks down the four distinct sounds of her name and translates them into Hindi. Unfortunately, instead of saying his wife’s name, this tattoo actually translates to Vihctoria.

Hebrew tattoo

On David and Victoria Beckham’s 6th wedding anniversary (2005), the couple got matching Hebrew tattoos. David’s tattoo is inked just above the “Vihctoria” tat. They mean: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

Sexy Victoria tattoo

David Beckham got another tattoo in tribute to his wife in 2007. This time, he had a 6-inch tattoo of a lingerie-clad Victoria (also inked on his left arm). It was a recreation of his favorite Posh Spice's photo in “Pop” magazine. This design drew criticism from officials in U.K. schools who believe the tattoo was "inappropriate" when it was featured on a flyer distributed by a supermarket chain to 47,000 schools and community groups.

Shortly after decorating his left arm with this sexy Victoria tattoo, David Beckham had Forever By Your Side inked beneath it, accompanied by a star.

In Becks' autobiography, David Beckham: My Side (by Tom Watts) he reveals some of his thoughts on tattoos:
"I like the feeling that those two boys (Brooklyn and Romeo) are with me even when I'm away from home. And not just in my heart. I had their names tattooed on my back after each one was born. There's a guardian angel there, too, looking after them both. My dad had three tattoos of his own and so the idea has been with me since I was a kid...

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