Fabio Capello: Real Madrid To Play In Munich "with Its Trousers High Up"

Fabio Capello as coach of Real Madrid during a...Image via Wikipedia
Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello said Tuesday that his team will get onto the pitch "with its trousers high up" for today's Champions League game against German team Bayern Munich, in reply to recent reports that the players are "wetting themselves."

Real Madrid arrived in Munich amid substantial hostility ahead of the match, in which the Spanish giant is set to defend the 3-2 home victory.  German tabloid Bild said Tuesday that Real Madrid's players "are already wetting themselves," in alleged fear.  The comment caused anger in the Spanish team.

"I am already used to these things and to people knowing more than we do.  But in any case tomorrow you will see a team with its trousers high up," Capello said.

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