David Beckham on America and Real Madrid

"I know it's never going to be as big as American football, basketball or baseball, but I believe I can help take it to a higher level."

"Everything is geared towards the league as a whole growing and succeeding, and I think I can be a part of that."

"I always have been, even now that people are saying I'm older and slower - but I've never been a quick player anyway."

"People are saying that the standard's really low in Major League Soccer, but it's not,"

"I've played against LA Galaxy for Real Madrid, and against other American teams, in preseason. I'm not saying the football is at the same level as it is in La Liga or in the Premiership, but it's still very competitive."

"As long as I'm a Real Madrid player, I will remain 110 per cent focused on winning something with and for Real Madrid."

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