The best books about David Beckham

  1. David Beckham by David Beckham

  2. Xdavid Beckham My Side M and S by David Beckham (with Tom Watt)

  3. The Comings and Goings of David Beckham by Jennifer Proverbs

  4. Beckham: My World by David Beckham and Dean Freeman

  5. David Beckham: My Son by Ted Beckham

  6. VII: David Beckham by Amy Lawrence and Dean Freeman

Happy birthday David Beckham!

David Beckham is hitting 40 today and he is spending it in Morocco, at the luxury Amanjena Resort, just outside Marrakesh, where he and Victoria renewed their marriage vows back in 2004, and is flying out his friends, including Tom Cruise, Guy Ritchie, Gordon Ramsay and Dave Gardner.

Happy birthday David!


David Beckham to be godfather to Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner's son

David Beckham will be named as the godfather to Dave Gardner and Liv Tyler's baby son Sailor, according to The Sun. 

The Sun claims that Becks was hand-picked by the sports agent and actress - who welcomed their youngster into the world just two months ago.

A source said: "Dave and Becks are close pals and go back years. They speak to each other all the time and their families are well-connected. They were best men for each other's weddings so are involved in their major events. Dave knows Becks will always be a great influence for his kids. He's the perfect choice."


David Beckham launches Unicef's 7 fund

"My number one priority is the '7' fund," David Beckham told CNN at the launch in London. Seven was the number emblazoned on the back of Beckham's shirt as he shot to stardom and he now hopes it will now bring hope to children who are at risk from numerous dangers.

"Children need to be aware of what is going on around the world and the emergencies that are happening," said Becks of the disasters that millions of children face worldwide.

Through "7," Beckham also hopes to fund counseling and support for children in El Salvador, a country which is battling the world's highest homicide rate. The project could also provide clean water for kids in Burkina Faso, among other initiatives.

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