David Beckham among stars facing £520m tax bill

Some of the U.K. biggest names in business, entertainment and sport will soon be receiving letters from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) demanding payment of disputed tax bills.

Under a new finance law about 33,000 people who invested in tax avoidance schemes will be affected. Among them is David Beckham. They will be asked to pay the disputed tax within 90 days of receiving the letter. They will only get the money back if the dispute is eventually settled in their favor.


David Beckham in the New H&M Bodywear Campaign

David Beckham crafted the new new H&M Bodywear line: “these new pieces for my Bodywear range at H&M have a real energy about them…  I hope people like them as much as I do.”


Miami rejects David Beckham's soccer stadium site

The city of Miami (Florida) has rejected David Beckham's plan to build a soccer stadium on the city waterfront. The city officials determined that the proposed location next to the Miami Heat arena was inappropriate. 

Beck's business group, Beckham Miami United, will continue to pursue alternative locations since is required to finalize a stadium deal before it can win approval from MLS to open a franchise. Scrutiny of the deal rose sharply after the city provided $500m in public funding to build a new stadium for the Miami Marlins (the city's baseball team).

Beckham Miami United has agreed to finance a $250m stadium - expected to seat an estimated 20,000 spectators - and pay rent on the publicly owned land. His partners in the endeavor include TV entrepreneur Simon Fuller and phone services billionaire Marcelo Claure.


David Beckham launches new swimwear range with H&M

David Beckham wearing a swimsuit
David Beckham launched his new swimwear range in collaboration with H&M at a party around the rooftop pool at Shoreditch House (London) last night. Beckham kept guests including One Direction’s Niall Horan and Liam Payne waiting for an hour before gracing the party with his presence.

Becks admits that before he married Victoria he took her on holiday and donned a pair of tiny swimming shorts to try and woo her: ''When I first started going out with Victoria and we went away for the first time I remember I took a pair of small, tight, dark blue Gucci trunks with me - I was obviously trying to impress her. They were really small, but they worked!''

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