How much does David Beckham make after his retirement?

In 2014, his first full year of retirement, David Beckham posted the highest earnings of his life with $75 million (his previous high was $51 million in 2012, when he was still playing for the Galaxy). He ranked second behind Michael Jordan in Forbes’ look at the highest-paid retired athletes in 2014.

Beckham maintains his pitchman role in retirement. He and Jordan are the only two sports celebrities in the top 20 of Repucom’s global index of consumer perceptions of celebrities.

Becks shills for Breitling, Sky Sports, Belstaff and Adidas but what really supercharged his earnings in 2014 were two deals with big upfront payments and significant upside: Diageo and Hong Kong-based Global Brands Group.

Haig Club

Beckham and Simon Fuller partnered with beverage giant Diageo to launch a new single grain Scotch whiskey, Haig Club. They will work with Diageo on strategy, positioning and to develop its scotch brand. Beckham is also a shareholder in the Haig business.

Global Brands Group

David Beckham and Fuller will own 50% of a joint venture that develops Beckham-branded consumer products globally in categories like menswear and luxury goods. The venture might decide to start new brands, partner with existing ones or use ones from the Global Brands arsenal: Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Tommy Hilfiger and dozens more.


Beckham is celebrating its decade-long partnership with Coty this year. The company sells more than $100 million annually worth of Beckham’s signature fragrances. The partnership, which was recently extended through 2017, kicks off an estimated $6 million annually for Beckham.


Beckham partnered with the Swedish retailer in 2012 for a line of bodywear at 1,800 stores. The venture expanded with swimwear in 2014. A new line of menswear this year will expand product offerings, as well as Beckham’s take from the partnership.

Kent & Curwen

In September of 2015 David Beckham signed a a five-year deal with Kent & Curwen. Beckham will reportedly design a capsule collection called Kent & Curwen, Inspired by David Beckham for a fall 2016 launch. It will include accessories, eyewear and boy’s clothing.

Beckham will play a multifaceted role in expanding the British brand’s appeal to younger consumers and he will be personally involved in all aspects of the brand’s business, including product development, market expansion, advertising and store design and location.

Endorsements in China

In 2014 Becks signed a deal with Jaguar in China, continuing a recent trend of expanding Brand Beckham in the world’s most populous country.

He also inked a multi-million deal in February 2013 to be an ambassador for the Chinese Super League, the country’s soccer association.

Other endorsements in China

- China Auto Rental, China’s leading car rental brand.

- Sands China, a division of Las Vegas Sands. The Sands deal involves the development of dining, retail and leisure concepts at properties in Macao and Singapore.


David Beckham gets two April covers for 'GQ'

david beckham gq cover

Inside April's GQ issue, David Beckham "gives a revealing, deeply personal interview" on the topic of his wife, Victoria Beckham, and their four children. He says such heart-wrenching quotes as: "I get physically ill when I have to leave the kids now."

There appears to be plenty of style talk as well, and for good reason, seeing as GQ deemed him the Patron Saint of Swagger in the magazine's cover lines. In that Tom Ford leather jacket, above, there is no choice but to agree with that description.

Becks also says he thinks he could still be playing in L.A. if he lived there:

“I don’t know whether it’s the athlete in me, or the passion I have for the game: I always think that I can step back on the field and play…. You know, maybe I could play another year in the U.S. If I was still living in L.A., I’d probably really seriously think about coming back for a year.”

You can see all the pictures of the photoshoot here.

david beckham gq cover


How much money did David Beckham make as a player?

David Beckham posing for razr

Manchester United

David Beckham made his professional soccer debut at the age of 17 with Manchester United where he played for nine seasons, during which the English squad won the Premier League title six times, the FA Cup twice, and the UEFA Champions League once. 

Real Madrid

In 2003, Becks was traded to Real Madrid where he played the next four seasons and won the Supercopa (2003) and Liga (2006-07). His anual salary with los blancos was around $13 million.

Although his first priority was to remain in Spain - and that it was only the departure of president Florentino Perez that scuppered the renewal of his terms: “I had a contract for four years and had talks with Florentino Perez to renew for another four, but Florentino left and there was no agreement with the new president. I wanted to stay but when Florentino left, everything went wrong.”

Los Angeles Galaxy

In 2007, he signed a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy, making him the highest-paid player in Major League Soccer. He made $12 million in his first season.

Beckham returned to Europe, playing on loan from the Galaxy for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons with AC Milan.

Paris Saint-Germain

He played in 2013 with Paris Saint-Germain (he signed a 5-month deal on January 2013). Beckham's Paris Saint-Germain salary was $5.3 million but he confirmed that his entire salary during his time in France would be donated to a local children's charity.

Off the pitch

Beckham is a sought-after model and spokesperson, having represented Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Vodafone, Gillette, and others.

During his career with Real Madrid his off the pitch deals generated close to $22 but half of that money went to the Spanish club (in that amount is not included the jerseys with his number and name on the back).

Of the $49 million he made in 2007 to make him the highest-paid soccer player in the world, $37 million was from image rights, including a portion of the proceeds from 300,000 Beckham Galaxy jerseys sold, and endorsements from the likes of AdidasPepsi and Coty.

The superstar further fueled his hype by signing a three-year Armani underwear contract in November of 2007, worth upwards of $20 million. The deal launched with a series of ads showing Beck proactively posed in only the designer's drawers.


David Beckham's favourite hotspots

David Beckham has revealed a number of West London hotspots while being quizzed about travelling, eating and his favourite city.

The retired football superstar said that his favourite place for a pub lunch in London is The Cow, on Westbourne Park Road in Notting Hill. During an interview for British Airways' High Life magazine, he said: "Restaurants in London are some of the best in the world, so it's difficult to pick only one. I'm really into pub lunches at the moment - The Cow in Notting Hill is great."

 The English footballer also revealed that there was nothing better than walking the dogs with his children in Hyde Park: "You feel you're in the heart of the greatest city in the world."

Becks' top three sports stadiums are Wembley Stadium, Manchester United's Old Trafford and Real Madrid's Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.


Big investors eye stake in David Beckham's MLS team

David Beckham still plans to be the face of the proposed Miami Major League Soccer team, but he might not wind up being the majority owner. Becks has spent the past six months in search of equity partners to help raise the estimated $300 million that it will cost to build a new stadium in Miami, and sign high-quality players.

Those interested in investing include Chelsea F.C. owner Roman Abramovich, a Chinese group, and Qatar Sports Investments, which already owns Paris Saint Germain, reports the Miami Herald.

David Beckham was given a low-cost option to buy an MLS team as part of the contract he signed with the L.A. Galaxy in 2007. The MLS announced that the English superstar would exercise the option in February 2014, but the group of investors that he leads has run into numerous problems trying to build a stadium in Miami.

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