David Beckham launches Unicef's 7 fund

"My number one priority is the '7' fund," David Beckham told CNN at the launch in London. Seven was the number emblazoned on the back of Beckham's shirt as he shot to stardom and he now hopes it will now bring hope to children who are at risk from numerous dangers.

"Children need to be aware of what is going on around the world and the emergencies that are happening," said Becks of the disasters that millions of children face worldwide.

Through "7," Beckham also hopes to fund counseling and support for children in El Salvador, a country which is battling the world's highest homicide rate. The project could also provide clean water for kids in Burkina Faso, among other initiatives.


Romeo Beckham stars in Burberry Christmas video ad

Romeo Beckham, son of David and Victoria, plays a leading role in Burberry’s Christmas campaign by assuming the role of cupid on the streets of London.

From London with love will see the 12-year old child actor don Burberry’s trademark check before dancing around the streets to dish out the love bug to couples.


David Beckham's HAIG CLUB™ Ad Teaser

In this teaser Becks, with his eyes firmly on the road, lets go and allows the free-flowing air to run through his fingers. Then he swaps the highway for a rugged hillside.

This new commercial will be a must-watch in a similar vein to his infamous H&M bodywear advert last year, which saw David running through the streets of LA wearing just his underwear.

Like that video, the Haig Club promo has been directed by filmmaker Guy Ritchie.


David Beckham toasts from this weekend's Haig Club™ launch (video)

David Beckham was in Edinburgh (Scotland) to host an exclusive weekend to celebrate the global launch of Haig Club whisky. Stepping up in a suave suit and open collar shirt, Becks was his usual hot self as he filmed the promotional video to promote this new single-grain Scotch whisky, with the help of “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller and international liquor conglomerate Diageo.


David Beckham's endorsement earnings drop 10 per cent

David Beckham's income from personal sponsorship deals dropped by around 10 % in the year the former soccer star retired. The 2013 accounts for the company that handles Beckham's personal endorsements, Footwork Productions, showed that revenue dropped to $24 million from $27 million in 2012.

The accounts show that the company's main activity is the "exploitation of David Beckham's name and image rights".

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